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Across the Battlefield: A Pawn's Journey

Across the Battlefield: A Pawn's Journey
"The Perfect Introduction to Chess for Children!" - Saint Louis Chess Club

Embark on an odyssey of imagination where your child will be captivated and inspired by a whimsical tale about a pawn who desires to become a queen all while developing critical thinking and social skills that will help both on and off the chessboard.

Endorsed by the English Chess Federation, American Chess Magazine, Top Players & More...

"Across the Battlefield is a wonderful combination of foundational chess teaching and the captivating tale of Prunella the pawn that I am sure kids will love and learn from a great deal. My 8-year-old son and I had a great time reading it. Highly recommended!" - GM Leinier Dominguez-Perez, 2008 Blitz Chess World Champion

"Both my daughters loved the adventures of Prunella the pawn! Across the Battlefield is a wonderfully enjoyable (and instructive!) underdog story that I'm sure many will love." - IM Danny Rensch, Chief Chess Officer -

"MUST READ! I wish I could give Across the Battlefield: A Pawn's Journey more than five stars! In Across the Battlefield, Jonathan Ferry offers an excellent introduction to chess for kids (and adults too!) that is fun and educational in equal measure. Caroline Zina's whimsical illustrations and the adventurous story can be enjoyed by the whole family, regardless of whether you have prior knowledge or interest in chess." - Reedsy Discovery

"Beautifully written throughout, this is truly a work that will capture the imagination of players (& readers) young and old alike. Jonathan Ferry has a real talent as a teacher and as a writer." - Ben Graff, English Chess Federation

"Across the Battlefield: A Pawn's Journey is a lovely story, beautifully written and enchantingly illustrated, that will appeal to many children - especially, but not only, girls - aged from about 6 or 7 upwards...many children will, understandably, fall in love with the book." - British Chess News

"Across the Battlefield: A Pawn's Journey receives four stars. The story is well-told and the illustrations are absolutely beautifully done... For anyone wanting to teach chess to a young child or grandchild, this is a good little book." - American Chess Magazine

"Across the Battlefield is a captivating tale and guide that could help young players learn and enjoy chess." - Kirkus Reviews

"Across the Battlefield: A Pawn's Journey is entertaining and instructional. Vivid illustrations contribute to the story's appeal to young players. They are mesmerizing and help tell a convincing story about being timid but brave when facing what appears to be overwhelming obstacles... It's a heartwarming story that young readers will want to read again and again." - Ray Linville -

Publication Date: 
October 17, 2022
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