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Grog the Frog: The Book of Taurus

Grog the Frog: The Book of Taurus
Every summer, Grog the Frog forgets to celebrate the most important magic ritual of the year: the Perseids harvest. But this year will be different. The eternally grumpy wizard will travel to forsaken mystical mountains and complete the magical rites. Unless, of course, a case of mistaken identities means that he becomes embroiled in a duel with his cosmic rival.

Will Grog be able to put order in chaos and fulfill his purpose? Or wait, perhaps Grog would prefer chaos? He's supposed to be the lord of chaos, isn't he? Either way, it will be epic!

Drama, love, magic, a delivery guy who can fly, a weird snake, a bald centaur who rents cars... it all awaits Grog in this hilarious graphic novel! All hail Grog!
Publication Date: 
July 19, 2023
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